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Resources Recycling

Resources Recycling(pISSN 2765-3439, eISSN 2765-3447) is an outstanding Korean journal published by the Korean Institute of Resources Recycling; it publishes domestic and foreign academic papers which are devoted to the recycling of metals and materials from diverse resources. Founded in 1992, the Resources Recycling has been published bi-monthly. JKIRR is an open access peer-reviewed journal. Peer reviewers and editors evaluating manuscripts for publication consider as key criteria originality, novelty and applicability of results in theory and/or in practice.

Aims and Scope

Resources Recycling publishes high quality papers on all aspects of waste recycling such as waste treatment, waste disposal, and waste management policy. The broad outline of the scope of the journal includes:

A. Resources processing,               B. Hydrometallurgy

C. Pyrometallurgy,                           D. Organic-inorganic material processing

E. Mine closure & reclamation,     F. Recycling policy

Article type

Review articles, Research papers, Technical research papers, Technical notes, Mini-reviews.

ISO Abbreviation of Journal Title

Its official ISO designation is Resour. Recycl.


The Journal is published bimonthly in February, April, June, August, October and December each year.

Indexed in and Availability of the full test in the Web

Resources Recycling has been registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea since 2004 and Chemical Abstract Service Source Index(CASSI) since 1992. The text may be written in Korean and English. Full text is available from “http://www.j-kirr.or.kr/ → Journal Archive”. (http://ocean.kisti.re.kr/IS_mvpopo001P.do?method=multMain&poid=kirrdb&free=free)

Fund Support

This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) grant funded by the Korean government. 

Subscription Info

Correspondence concerning business matters should be addressed to Secretary-Treasurer, Ji-won Min, The Korean Institute of Resources Recycling, Seoul, 06130, Korea (Tel: +82-2-3453-3541, 3542 / Fax: +82-2-3453-3540 / E-mail : kirr@kirr.or.kr). The subscription price of this journal is Korean Won, ₩50,000(US$ 50.00 or equivalent) annually. Back issues are available.

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